Wu-Tang Clan Ugly Christmas Hoodie


Wu-Tang Clan Ugly Christmas Hoodie

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I did get Covid and recovered. Thankfully. I just didn’t think I’d never get it. I wore a mask, social distanced, sanitized, washed everything etc. I still got it. I am thrilled the industry is back! I love Wilmington and know a lot of people who work there in that field. I don’t hate Cooper and I believe no one is perfect and no one gets everything they want in a political figure but the way he handled this and is handling this is devastating to many. I’m merely observing, and by observing her stance on all political beliefs and things this “educated” person has said, yes that’s my opinion. And it’s blatantly obvious. Abuse the Medicaid program for personal gain, instead of doing what’s right, work for it. I don’t get any handouts, pay out my tail in taxes, insurance, etc. Trump increased my pay, my retirement, and overall future outlook. So there’s that. several NC universities have remained opened. Have they had positive cases, yes. Has anyone died, no. This is going to be here for a long time. We can’t stay locked up and I bet you aren’t either. We have to adapt. Keeping children out of school is not good for them you know that. Myself, my friends and parents of people I know. It’s hard on the elderly being isolated and hard being sick.

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