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Jenn Mitchell BennieThis LT Mitchell had a great time in flight school with that last name. 50 . Steven TJ VerachtertI feel the need, the need for speed! That soundtrack better awesome 50 . Vernon BourgeoisAfter spending several years in the Navy. I am truly thankful that you and your company brought this and the 1sr film to the publics attention. I personally was with VF-14 The Tophatters which is the oldest squadron in the Navy. At thst time we flew… See more9 . Tina HardingI’m even more excited, because our theatres are opening again, so I can see this movie how it was meant to be seen. Yay!!!!12 . Chris ClemonsMr cruise keep up the great work. Im enjoying all your films. I see each one in the theater, the way movies should be seen.29 . Sable StewartThis is amazing!! #TopGunDay for the win. Top Gun has forever been my very favorite movie since I first saw as a child in the theater! Thank you for making Top Gun: Maverick. I simply can’t wait!10  Forest owl canvas

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I am baker   · FollowPlease confirm or deny: There will be another volleyball scene. 5.1K . Milroy Goes Yes, looking forward to Top Gun: Maverick41 . Keith Luke Mason   · FollowStill looks the same age 509 . Michael Matteo Rossi   · FollowLooking forward to it!317 . Michael Hodges, Author   · FollowCan’t wait to see it!97 . Vinnie Camilleri   · FollowAfter watching the trailers, it could be the first film ever to make you feel like you’re actually in the cockpit flying.509 . Megan Kashat   · FollowWe’re proud of you 78 . Gray Ellis   · FollowInstant classic coming 68 . Madhu MandalThe background music of this movie is epic11 . Kathryn SilverMy lil Maverick and I can’t wait! 20 . Sam WoodI can’t say just how much Top Gun means to me… it’s an absolute adrenalin rush!! The cinematography is absolutely amazing… and the soundtrack is full of killer tracks… can’t wait to see Maverick!!! Sir, you are a legend… keep your thrills coming…88  Forest owl canvas

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