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Jesus has my back baseball jersey


Absolutely beautiful! Two of my all time favourites Ed and Jimmy coming together is a dream come true . I have sobbed watching this on repeat this morning. I lost my mum in December and the heartache is so real. I hate that she can’t see her grandkids grow up. The line of everything I learned from you hits right in the heart because she was such a great … See more. Thank you for sharing your heart through this song. I think grief makes for beautiful music since it is such a potent emotion. I hope you find peace and comfort. May your friend rest in peace. . You made a lot of us cry with this one. Excellent song.I can relate to the meaning behind the song as I lost my mother in 2019 to cancer my condolences regarding the one you lost. Today is my fathers birthday, he passed 5 years ago, you are my favorite artist so this song was like a present to me on my dad’s birthday! Thank you! It is extremely beautiful Jesus has my back baseball jersey

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This is the Ed I know and love. Music from the heart and soul that reaches everyone. Thankyou for sharing your gift again xx. Amazing song! Really great lyrics and message in the song Jesus has my back baseball jersey i think all that has lost, dream about visiting hours . This made me tear up when I listened to it earlier. It is a beautiful song- a lovely, moving tribute that is sure to touch so many people who are missing a loved one right now. . Could not stop crying listening to this as I was driving. Stopped at the lights and the lady in the car next to me was a looking very concerned . So beautiful. I also had the pleasure of knowing the wonderful person this was written for, but this song resonates with me for so many others I have lost too . I just listened to Visiting hours. You hit home with this one, Ed. I lost my grandma last year and she was my best friend. Listening to this is everything I want to talk to her about. I cannot wait until Oct 29. When this new album releases. Thank you … See more

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