Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster


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Oh and cannot forget Cynthia Erivo signing the theme song! She was great.. Don’t mess with FRIENDS! You can’t replace the best. lol. there was already an all-black friends, and it came on a year before friends. Play GIF. Will not watch , same thing as Golden Girls can’t remake . Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster. Wrong they wouldn’t like if the role were reversed .will not watch any of those actors shows.. Oh my goodness what is wrong with everyone, it’s a bit of fun they are remaking it, they are not trying to fix it, they are not trying to replace 10 years of one of if not the best ever sitcom, if you dont want it dont watch it. I would love to hear the dialogues in jive or something akin to that, it would be awesome.. Then Asian and Mexicans should do one too called “Hing dais and amigos” lol. We need a new version of moesha but with Courtney cox as moesha

Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster

Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster A1

I love somebody but when i sleep i dream with another girl. This scene didnt air, did it?. Who is not live Rachel . No sound in this video am I the oly one facing this issue?. No sound, but I know exactly what she is saying. (Saw Friends so many times) . And yet she was never able to have a couple after Ross according to Ross!. Rachel is great!. What’s wrong with the audio?. I love Ross!! That T-shirt is so cool . Someone fix the Audio! Where is the IT Guy! Did you switch it off and on again? . What do you want to hear? “I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you,……”. Why is the sound always wrong???. How could you all give comments without hearing the sence. Can’t find in HBO GO . You guys need to fix your Facebook man.

Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster

Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster A3

Why are r u forgetting joey and chandler. Ther r d best . I hate how Facebook mutes some you want to see (hear) and you can’t unmute, yet blares out the adverts and crap you don’t want to see!. In case you was wondering what Ross was saying…it’s
“we were on a break!!”. Funny, when she finds out what Emily actually wants, she strongly disagrees.. I thought
something was wrong with my cell but it’s just the clip . Rachel Queen Green. I can’t hear it but I can hear it. . As far as being an actual friend goes, Rachel was probably the worst option lol. This is the scene when Rachel tell Ross to give Emely what she wants . And that is to cut Rachel out of his life. That is friendsheep, intil Rachel finds out. I don’t hear any sound.. where is the sound?. No,i don’t wish a friend like rachel ..she is not good Knights templar at my lowest god is my hope poster. Please don’t remake previous TV Show with same or different race.. Create a new one with multiracial and nurture both unity and humour… America is a very weird country.. Trying to ruin a classic.. leave friends alone. Didn’t we learn a lesson with the “Steel Magnolias” word for word remake ??. Are we also gonna make an all white fresh prince of bell air or something?. It’s called Food Stamps! . It’s about great writing and great acting bringing the words to life regardless of who is speaking them.. They are not even cute…. Friends are friends…no replacements please!. Being racially diverse for the sake of diversity, defeats the purpose. . No thanks, ill stick with the original cast. What a joke of a disgraceful act to a show I used to love watching. No offence to a black cast, but I am quite attached to Jennifer Aniston, Phoebe , Matthew Perry and the rest of the gang. The storyline is fun and heartwarming

Congratulations to the actress. But unfortunately, her character is easily the worst and the most unnecessary character that appeared in Friends.. “Kinda playing fast and loose with the word “interesting””. . I definitely liked her better with Ross than with Joey. Because of history, I’m glad Ross and Rachel got together, but love how much Joey loved Rachel. I felt like the Phoebe and Mike thing was too rushed. Ok, so a little off topic. I still think Charlie and Ross were perfect together.. She hosted a show called “Talk Soup” in the early 2000’s. Funny as hell. Happy birthday!!. Happy birthday Aisha! I still miss on The Talk!. But it was what set up the Joey / Rachel situation! Which in hindsight wish they would have lasted. We have the same birthday . Hanging with both Ross and Joey. Seems like her character was in the… danger zone. Interesting fact, the entire cast of Friends is now older than Rue McClanahan when The Golden Girls premiered.

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