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Shark starry night horizontal poster


Lisa Tye-BowersYou need to do a video with all red heads in it, my daughter Lili-mo and grandson Romeo Geoffrey Tye are both fellow red heads and most beautiful ones at thatx7 . Michael WardYeah, nah, not for me this one far too much poor rap.2 . Carol BradburyWhere is your voice on this rap song, Ed Sheeran??3 . James Mitchell-DykesNot a fan of this at all. Sorry to say. You and your guitar is all you need.3 . Nicola TruemanSBtv in the house! 1 . Alessandra VillariBad habits is a masterpiece, ever5 . Lawrencia LawrenceI gotta check this out p.s I know it’s gonna be amazing cos it’s ed Sheeran2 . Allison AllyHaaaii… Kooldrink made this remix why u not giving him no credit thou? Or what don’t I know  . Terezinha DA CostaI liked the remix, but I prefer Bad habits only in your Ed voice.7 . Holly SpurgeonI love this song it really hits home about my bad habits and what i need to change to sort my life out 1  Poster shark starry night horizontal

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Poster shark starry night horizontal · Follow Will there be tickets for livestream too please? Asking from the Philippines! . Please please please god help me I have 3 tattoos dedicated to Ed and have more than 100 pieces of merch In my room think I deserve to go. And also tomorrow I’m actually travelling to Framlingham to visit the castle and Eds hometown.. Entered and got everything crossed for this…… Would be a dream come true to see you in such an intimate venue…..been a big fan since the beginning….. One of my life dreams and wishes is to hear wake me up be played live fingers crossed . I remember the day A team was released. I was sat in my Dad’s garden and I played him the song, saying there was no-one out there doing anything like it. We both loved that song. He passed away almost 3 years ago, but every time I hear that song I think of that moment

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