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The Top Buckeye Jersey Traditions: A Tribute to Ohio State Football


See some of the most cherished traditions surrounding the Buckeye Jersey worn by Ohio State Buckeyes football players. From famous numbers to special jerseys, learn about the rich history and heritage of the Buckeyes on the field.


Ohio State Football has a historic history that spans over a century, with innumerable legends and traditions that have become synonymous with the programme. These traditions include the wearing of legendary Buckeye jerseys, which throughout the course of college football’s history have been doled out to some of the sport’s most talented players. Buckeye jerseys have been a significant factor in Ohio State’s success on the field, and this includes everything from the number 45 to the alternate jerseys. In this post, we will take a more in-depth look at the most significant Buckeye Jersey traditions and discuss their importance to the Ohio State University football programme.

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The number 45 jersey is the most iconic jersey in Ohio State Football history
The number 45 jersey was first worn by Archie Griffin, who was also the first player.
Archie Griffin was remembered by Eddie George, who wore the number 45 jersey in his honour.
The Scarlet and Gray uniforms have, for the most part, stayed unaltered over the course of their history.
The grey alternate outfits were first worn in 2009
In 2011, when they played Michigan, the Pro Combat jerseys were put to use.
2009 marked the debut of the Blackout game, which was played for the first time versus Penn State.
The 1968 throwback outfits were worn in 2015 versus Penn State
In the matchup with Michigan in 2010, the Nike Pro Combat outfits were utilised.
A rite of passage for Ohio State Football players is the removal of the black stripe, which is done in a ceremony.
The tradition of players wearing their practise jerseys during games is meant to symbolise their commitment and hard work for the club.
In the annals of Ohio State Buckeyes football, Chic Harley will go down as one of the all-time greats.
In honour of Chic Harley, the number 47 has been withdrawn from use.
In 2014, the number 47 was brought back into use for a single game, which was played versus Navy.


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Why is it so significant for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team to have the number 45 jersey?
A: The significance of the number 45 jersey stems from the fact that it was first sported by Archie Griffin, one of the most legendary players in the annals of college football. Since then, other other famous players, notably Eddie George, have used that number in their uniforms.

What exactly is the ceremony for the removal of the black stripe?
A: The ritual of removing the black stripe from the helmet is considered a rite of passage for Ohio State Football players. It is a sign that a player has proven themselves worthy of a spot on the squad and has earned the respect of both their teammates and the coaches.

Why was the jersey number 47 taken out of circulation?
A: The number 47 was retired as a tribute to Chic Harley, who is widely considered to be among Ohio State’s all-time best players.


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The traditions surrounding the Buckeye Jersey are an important and fundamental part of the long and storied heritage of Ohio State Football. Each tradition, from the iconic number 45 jersey to the tradition of wearing practise jerseys, carries a specific meaning to the programme and to the players who participate in it. While the Scarlet and Gray uniforms have been a mainstay of the school, the alternate jerseys have added an interesting new dimension to Ohio State’s game day apparel. The legend of Chic Harley’s number serves as a reminder of the excellence that has come before, and the ritual in which a player’s black stripe is removed is a potent representation of the player’s dedication and the hard work they have put in. These traditions have been crucial in the development of a culture of greatness and tradition within the Ohio State Football team, and they will continue to serve as a source of motivation for successive generations of Buckeye fans and players in the years to come.

As supporters, we are able to understand the significance of these Buckeye Jersey traditions, and we are able to anticipate positive things for the future of Ohio State Football. Buckeye Jersey traditions will continue to be an important part of Ohio State’s success both on and off the field, whether it’s witnessing a player become eligible for their own practise jersey or seeing the Buckeyes hit the field in a new alternate uniform. The Top Buckeye Jersey Traditions have withstood the test of time, and there is no question that they will surely continue to inspire and drive the programme for many years to come.