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Who’s the Better Bills Wide Receiver: Isaiah McKenzie or John Brown?


This article will compare two of the top wide receivers for the Buffalo Bills, Isaiah McKenzie and John Brown, in an effort to establish which of the two is the superior player.

For the past several seasons in the National Football League (NFL), one of the most entertaining teams to follow is the Buffalo Bills. Wide receivers Isaiah McKenzie and John Brown are two of the most important players in the explosive offense that has been a huge contributor to their success. John Brown is also a crucial player in the explosive offense.

Who is the more talented wide receiver out of these two Bills players, who have each made big contributions to the team’s success? In this piece, we will evaluate both players in terms of their statistics, playing styles, and overall impact on the club in order to determine which of the two is the superior choice for the Bills.

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Isaiah McKenzie’s Stats:

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In the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Isaiah McKenzie was selected by the Denver Broncos to join their roster. He spent the first two years of his career with the Broncos before being released in 2019. After the Buffalo Bills claimed him off waivers, he has established himself as an indispensable member of their team.

Some of McKenzie’s most important statistics are as follows:

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McKenzie finished the 2020 season with 30 receptions, 282 yards, and 5 touchdowns from receiving passes.
In his career, he has a reception average of 9.1 yards per catch.
McKenzie is a threat on special teams as well, as evidenced by the fact that he has scored four punt return touchdowns in his career.
Statistics Regarding John Brown:

John Brown has played in the National Football League for a total of seven seasons, during which he has been a member of the Arizona Cardinals, the Baltimore Ravens, and most recently, the Buffalo Bills. The Arizona Cardinals selected him with the 73rd overall pick in the National Football League Draft in 2014.

Some of Brown’s more notable statistics are as follows:

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Brown finished the 2020 season with 33 receptions, which he turned into 458 yards and three touchdowns.
Over his career, he has a reception average of 14.6 yards per catch.
Brown has also been a steady player, as seen by the fact that he has finished each of his four seasons with more than 500 receiving yards.

Comparing Different Playing Styles:

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Both Isaiah McKenzie and John Brown have distinct playing styles, which contributes to the variety of ways in which they are both effective. Because of his renowned quickness and agility, McKenzie is a potentially risky choice to play in the slot position. Also, he has a catch percentage of 78.9%, making him a reliable target for quarterback Josh Allen.

John Brown, on the other hand, is renowned for his quickness and his ability to open up the field for his teammates. Because of his ability to outrun defenses and pose a threat from the deep passing game, the Bills’ offense benefits greatly from having him on the field. Brown is also an excellent route runner, which enables him to generate space between himself and the defensive backs he faces.

Influence felt by the Team:

The success of the Bills can be directly attributed, in large part, to the contributions of both Isaiah McKenzie and John Brown. Because of his ability to play both receiver and return specialist positions, McKenzie has proven to be an extremely significant asset for the squad. In addition to this, he is someone who works well with others and is always eager to do everything it takes to ensure the success of the group.

Also, John Brown’s contribution to the squad has been quite important. Because of his speed and ability to extend the field, he has created openings for other receivers to make catches, and he has been a solid target for Josh Allen whenever the Bills have needed to advance the chains.

Which of These Two Is the Best Choice?

So, in terms of wide receivers, Isaiah McKenzie or John Brown, who do you think is the superior player? The correct response is that it is dependent on the circumstances. Brown is a better option for the Bills when they need a deep threat to extend the field, whereas McKenzie is a better choice when the Bills need someone to play in the slot or on special teams.

In the end, the Bills are fortunate to have two excellent wide receivers who each bring something unique to the table in terms of their strengths. Both players have an equal chance of being the winner given the circumstances.